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What We Do 


Orixa Healing Arts Wellness and Spiritual Centre is a healing and wellness practice that provides education and creative Interdisciplinary tools to businesses, nonprofit organizations, faith institutions, and individuals.

Orixa creates safe and healthy spaces that promote healing through integrative medicine and the expressive arts.  Our techniques are proven to increase wellness indicators for persons experiencing various forms of chronic illness, traumatic experiences, stress management issues, and burnout. As a form of alternative medicine, healing is encouraged through the use of integrative medicine  and the expressive arts and creative movement.

At Orixa, healing is accessible to all.

Why We Exist

Healthy living is about understanding what one needs personally and what is good for attaining it.  Our programs are scientifically-proven, community-based interventions consisting of a tailored combination of principles derived from integrative medicine, complementary alternative medicine, dance, expressive arts, the Stages of Change model , harm reduction principles, and the reproductive justice framework.


What Makes Us Unique

There is no other program in the community which seeks to use creativity, human rights, and social justice theory and practice in the way that the Orixa practice does. 

Other community organizations practices use dance as a tool related to traditional forms of recreation. Orixa seeks to allow the participants to craft and design their own customized intervention themselves inside of a safe and traumatic-informed environment that stimulates personal healing and creativity. 

An example, is the use of culture as a basis for movement and creativity. A participant can introduce and share movements from his/her culture to move through their own self paced healing process. These movements will impact this person in a way that has more meaning than movement they just "learn" from a teacher in a traditional dance class or intervention.

What The Practice Can Do

Because the mind, body, and soul are connected through movement and creativity our programs allow diverse communities such as persons living with and managing (chronic and acute) illnesses such as diabetes, HIV, heart disease, mental health, pain, persons who use substances, and members of the aging community to participate in movement arts (dance or creative movement), meditation sessions, mindfulness sessions, writing workshops, coaching and more in order to increase overall wellness, increase mobility, improve mental health, create support networks, and experience self healing through movement, improvisation, etc.

Our programs are geared to improve concentration, decrease stress,
​increase fear modulation, promote meta cognitive awareness, motivate, increase self esteem, and where possible through collaborative agreements, provide referrals to community-based organizations for other accompanying social services and resources. 

Schedule a courtesy consultation with Dr. Bowers to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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