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What We Do 


Orixa Healing Arts Wellness and Spiritual Centre is a healing and wellness practice that provides education and creative Interdisciplinary tools to businesses, nonprofit organizations, faith institutions, and individuals.

Orixa creates safe and healthy spaces that promote healing through integrative medicine and the expressive arts.  Our techniques are proven to increase wellness indicators for persons experiencing various forms of chronic illness, traumatic experiences, stress management issues, and burnout. As a form of alternative medicine, healing is encouraged through the use of integrative medicine  and the expressive arts and creative movement.

At Orixa, healing is accessible to all.

Why We Exist

Healthy living is about understanding what one needs personally and what is good for attaining it.  Our programs are scientifically-proven, community-based interventions consisting of a tailored combination of principles derived from integrative medicine, complementary alternative medicine, dance, expressive arts, the Stages of Change model , harm reduction principles, and the reproductive justice framework.


What Makes Us Unique

The Orixa practice is unique in our community; it combines creativity with human rights and social justice to help people heal and grow. Unlike other groups that use dance just for fun, Orixa lets people use their own cultural movements in a safe space to heal at their own pace. This personal approach means more to them than simply learning steps from an instructor.

What The Practice Can Do
We use movement and creativity to connect the mind, body, and soul, helping people from all walks of life—including those dealing with illnesses, substance use, or aging—to feel better. We offer dance, meditation, writing, and coaching to improve wellness, mental health, and social support. Our activities are designed to help with focus, reduce stress, manage fear, boost self-awareness, motivate, and raise self-confidence. Plus, we can connect participants with other local services they may need.


Schedule a courtesy consultation with Dr. Orisha Bowers to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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